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Honeymoon Tioman @ Tunamaya Resort & Spa

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is an idyllic location for leisurely days under the sun in an absolutely secluded beach & resort, regardless if you spend it within the resort or by exploring the island. Lush yourself in fine local timber and rich fabrics with an Asian contemporary furnishing to give yourself a feel of the far eastern comfort.

Select your preference of a Beach front Villa with dual balconies for a view of the garden and rainforest as well or if you would want to enjoy the sounds of the natural surroundings of the greeneries at the Rainforest Villas.

All Villa's are equipped with full amenities and designed for comfort without compromising the essence of the natural surroundings.

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Fine Dining

Every meal on this isle is a feast flavoured by the history of the land; where the finest local ingredients are transformed by our chefs into a memorable range of experiences

A luxury of flavours and essence

At the Restaurant by the beach, savour local and international flavours all lovingly prepared using only the freshest ingredients.

Simmer your taste buds from a wide variety on the ala'carte or indulge in fresh seafood by the BBQ deck. Dine in comfort of the private dining room, the restaurant or the open terrace by the beach.

Whether feeding your senses or your cravings, Tunamaya will keep you satisfied.

Happy Hour

Keep your nights alive at our Ombak Bar for a perfect unwinding. Enjoy our widest array of beers from around the world, kick off your shoes and relax while being entertained by our live band or simply dance the night away.


What better way to indulge in total relaxation and feed your senses than in tropical surroundings like Tunamaya?

The peaceful atmosphere at Tunamaya ensures you will always find a quiet spot to relax, there's no better place than the Sarang Spa, a heaven for total rejuvenation with its peaceful settings created expressly with thoughtful intentions to mesmerize with the natural beauty of the surroundings...

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Indulge in the various massage treatments and emerge refreshed and energized. Four well appointed indoor therapy rooms and a plunge pool that offers a sweeping view of the South China Sea and the rainforest.

Nature untouched

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is committed to provide a contemporary luxury resort built in complete harmony with nature. Nature has much to offer us but we need to be responsible in ensuring that the natural ecology is not disturbed.

Exceptional care has been taken to ensure that no trees were cut in the construction process that entailed many adjustments and re-designs so that the resort could be built around the natural vegetation.

We wanted to do our part for the environment by preserving the natural beauty of the area and built our resort around these magnificent trees. If you take a stroll through our grounds, you may even spot a villa or two with a tree going through the balcony and roof!

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Click here for a Tioman trip
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Book your favorite Tunamaya Villa online, safely and securely

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Book your favorite Tunamaya Villa online, safely and securely

Book your favorite Tunamaya Villa online, safely and securely


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