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Honeymoon Tioman Transport

If you're not sure how to get from Singapore to the town of Mersing, your gateway to Tioman, then try going by bus or coach.

Want to book your bus tickets from Singapore to Mersing online? Use below form for real-time bus reservations. Instant confirmation of your bus seats. Or go here for private transport.
Enjoy up to 20% discount when you book online
NOTE: Busy season is from May to September!

Private van to Mersing

If you prefer private transport over public transport, then please note that we have a number of people-carrier transport options available, from cost-effective passenger cars, to comfortable MPV's, to spacious vans that are suitable to carry up to 12 passengers, as well as shuttles and buses.

Our vehicles are practically new and chauffeur-driven. It goes without saying that our vehicles are equipped with full climate-control interiors.

N.B. If you're traveling with kids, bring along their favorite DVD's, because our vehicles have a built-in DVD player. (Please note: Subject to availability).

Private Transport to Mersing Cost in Singapore Dollars

VehicleNr. of passengers  One-wayRound-tripRound-trip Vehicle/Ferry combo
Passenger car    1-4$240$460$410 + ferry tickets
MPV4-6$280$500$450 + ferry tickets
Van6-10$350$640$590 + ferry tickets

1. Book your ferry tickets here and get a S$50 vehicle discount (Ferry/Vehicle combo).
2. All prices are all-in for Singapore -- Mersing -- Singapore, including driver.
3. Includes one collective pick-up point and one pick-up time -- both your choice.
4. Drop-off point is our ferry ticket counter (#21) at Mersing Harbour Centre.
5. Please note that amount of luggage also determines vehicle type used.
6. Night-surcharge S$50 between 11.00 pm - 4.00 am.

Going by taxi will be a bit more costly than going by bus. However, going by taxi has several benefits that a bus cannot offer. For one thing, passenger collection is any time you like and from any preferred pick-up point. And the taxi drops off passengers right at Mersing Harbour Centre.

I.e. the taxi service is door-to-door.

In addition, taxi passengers can remain in the vehicle during passport control whilst crossing the border into Malaysia and back. This privilege is not extended to bus passengers. All bus passengers have to disembark their bus, with their luggage, in order to walk to the Immigration complex escalators and then on to the passport control queuing area. This applies to both Singapore's passport control and Malaysia's too.

In other words, a taxi offers a fair amount more comfort and convenience. Good to know.

Get driven to your destination in comfort and style, and without a care in the world. Inquire for a chauffeur-driven car, MPV or van now:

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Need transport to Mersing? Let us know. We'll get 10 passengers to the ferry in style and comfort
Need transport to Mersing? We'll get you
to Tioman in style and comfort

Our brand new Hyundai Starex Royale is luxurious, comfortable...
Our brand new Hyundai Starex Royale
is luxurious, comfortable

Our vans seta up to 10 passengers
Seats up to ten passengers
Or two luxuriously :)

Honeymoon Tioman
Having fun snorkeling

Honeymoon Tioman
Tioman = snorkeling paradise

Honeymoon Tioman
It doesn't get much better than this

Tioman, where turquoise sea meets golden beach
Where turquoise sea meets golden beach

Tioman's delicate reef life, a sight to behold
Tioman's delicate reef life, a sight to behold


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