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Tioman Honeymoon
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Honeymoon Tioman

Legend has it that Pulau Tioman is the resting place of a lovelorn dragon princess from China, who took to the sky to be with her dragon prince in Singapore. Soaring over the South China Sea, our dragon princess is enticed by Pulau Tioman's magnificent beauty clearly visible below, through the thin veil of clouds and decides to rest on this verdant jewel in a crystal-clear sea. Once her dragon prince hears of his beautiful suitor's arrival in Tioman, he, too, takes wing and joins his beloved princess. Reunited, the smitten winged twosome become one in the shape of the island and pledge to offer shelter and comfort to all passing travelers evermore.

Pulau Tioman is the ideal setting for a couple in love on their honeymoon. In fact, Tioman was once rated Top Ten Most Beautiful Island in the World. And even Hollywood couldn't resist the romantic allure of Tioman's golden secluded beaches, which have been immortalized in the 1958 blockbuster movie South Pacific, shot entirely on location in Tioman.

But in spite of the discovery of Tioman's stunning potential as a one-of-a-kind paradise destination, most of Tioman's interior remains almost entirely uninhabited and surprisingly untouched, indeed unexplored, to this day.

In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find beaches more private or coves more secluded than here in Tioman. The sun-kissed southern tip of Tioman, in particular, is the island's best kept secret, its nature-ensconced honeymoon retreats offering absolute privacy and an inimitable brand of luxury. A lovers' Shangri-La.

Choose one of the Honeymoon Bungalows on offer with sweeping sea view, or indulge in a mesmerizingly gorgeous rainforest vista. Whichever you prefer, our exclusive oasis will have you in seventh heaven day and night, courtesy of the breathtaking visual delights provided by Tioman's simply dazzling natural scenery.

Keen to swoop into Tioman's ultimate honeymoon retreat with your prince or princess? Select your honeymoon sanctuary below.

Honeymoon Tioman 

Bagus Place Retreat

Located on beautiful Tioman Island in the South China Sea, Bagus Place Retreat is a peaceful sanctuary of breathtaking natural beauty. Rejuvenate body and mind at Bagus Place and be enchanted by the sights and sounds of nature.

Honeymoon Tioman 

Japamala Resort and Spa

JapaMala prefers to call their rooms 'Sarang', which means 'nest' in Malay. Emerging from the wilderness, like individual nests, is a series of wooden houses, hillside sarangs and beach side villas. Designed and built around the resort's natural landscape, each room is unique in layout.

Honeymoon Tioman 

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is an idyllic location for leisurely days under the sun in an absolutely secluded beach & resort, regardless if you spend it within the resort or by exploring the island. Lush yourself in fine local timber and rich fabrics with an Asian contemporary furnishing to give yourself a feel of the far eastern comfort.

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Honeymoon Tioman

Honeymoon Tioman

Honeymoon Tioman

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