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Mersing Harbour Centre

Opened officially in 2017, Mersing Harbour Centre has assumed the role of ferry ticket collection location in Mersing, previously the domain of the original terminal ticket counters that are located along the water's edge. The old ticket counters' solid track record notwithstanding, they were getting quite cramped and were altogether to show their age, particularly in the face of Tioman's ever growing popularity.

The old ticket counters have now been retired and henceforth, Tioman travellers can look forward to collecting their ferry tickets in comfort and at their convenience.

Mind you, Mersing Harbour Centre is actually so much more than just a place to collect tickets. In fact, the forward-looking authorities conceptualized the building as an independent tourism information portal, geared primarily towards the tourist wonders of the greater Mersing area. These are, after all, quite manifold, what with crown jewel Tioman Island, along with its various sister bounty islands. As well as, of course, the town of Mersing itself, no less a major tourist magnet, given its traditional shop houses and superb eateries.

But even those keen to visit neighbouring Endau Rompin National Park will find that Mersing Harbour Centre is the place to go when looking to source for information about jungle excursions and for placing an actual excursion booking too. Courtesy of Mersing Harbour Centre being a comprehensive one-stop shop.

Mersing Harbour Centre also features a spacious and contemporary food and beverage section, so if your bus arrived a little early, or your ferry has been postponed a while, no worries, there's plenty of yummy dishes and all kinds of hot and cold beverages to partake of in the meanwhile.

Incidentally, Mersing Harbour Centre boasts a plethora of facilities and amenities as well, rendering it the ideal spot, for both young and old, to spend some quality time, before continuing on to Destination Next, whether inbound or outbound.

Mersing Harbour Centre is a breeze to get to, especially now that it has gained itself considerable mind share amongst both locals and tourists alike. In fact, Tioman Island and Mersing Harbour Centre have become inseparable, just like peaches and cream. So just hop onto your bus or coach, because chances are it's bound to stop right in front of Mersing Harbour Centre.

Going by taxi? Your driver will instantly know where to go and will make a bee line for Mersing Harbour Centre from anywhere in Malaysia, or from Singapore.

Have a great holiday!!

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Honeymoon Tioman

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