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Honeymoon Tioman


JapaMala prefers to call their rooms 'Sarang', which means 'nest' in Malay. Emerging from the wilderness like individual nests is a series of wooden houses, hillside sarangs and beach side villas. Designed and built around the resort's natural landscape, each rooms is therefore unique in layout.

JapaMala's philosophy of preserving nature in every sense of the word has inspired this very concept of their 'rustic-luxe' design.

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Simple elegance that balances comfort and convenience, while many of the Sarangs have private plunge pools and wooden sun decks, all are air-conditioned, equipped with WIFI access, iPod docks, DVD player and cable TV, full mini bars and Espresso machines.

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Our Jungle Sarangs are 'nests' tucked away on the lower terrain of the resort. They're adorned with an open-air bath tub with the rainforest as its backdrop, hidden enough to allow total privacy.

A spacious private living area good for dining, sunning or simply relaxing, you will be forgiven for never venturing out of your nest. The Sarang is distinctively designed for the total experience of living comfortably in the jungle without foregoing the finer things in life.

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Samadha Spa Treatments

Samadhi Spa is designed and built to create memorable, sensory as well as visual experiences. Our spa experiences eloquently suggest 'the return to your natural self'. JapaMala is a place to harvest the wellness of your mind & body and making it a definite part of you even after you leave our shores. Whether it is a pedicure inside a natural cave environment, a massage in nature designed treatment spaces or a soak in the hot tub perched on a cliff, day or night, a Samadhi Spa experience is no less therapeutic.

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Plants, animals and land have been disturbed as little as possible. It's been our goal to build around nature - to respect and preserve the inherent beauty of this destination; to coexist with all who dwell here.

Great care has been taken to minimize any environmental impact. No rocks were moved, no trees were cut down. As a result no two Villas are the same. Each is unique - taking on the character of the land upon which it is built.

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This Restaurant is the latest addition to the resort's collection of aesthetic spots. It's built on stilts to hover above the sea some 100 metres away from the beach front. Another open-concept dining venue with overhung pavilions becomes the perfect tanning station for sun lovers!

Serving global cuisine with an Italian emphasis and range of creative beverages to enjoy all day long. Open for lunch and dinner only.

Nightly BBQ's are done here to celebrate that typical romance under the stars.
Honeymoon Tioman

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